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Happiest of Holidays to All (2019 update)

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Here is the (growing) Samoiloff family year in review. I hope 2019 treated you all well. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2020!  We’ll start with Landon. Here he is last winter helping Papa with the wood. He LOVES helping papa with the wood. Every time he comes to the house he says, “Papa, are… Read more »

I dream of a better world

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I wrote this earlier this year. I’d like to return to writing more, because it is my happy place. So posting this dream that happened back in March…. I woke up from a bad dream last night with tears welling up in my eyes to overflowing. I know the source of his dream was for… Read more »

The Tree

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She ran towards her old friend, tears streaming down her face. They were at it again and she just had to escape. Home was not a happy place for her. But the woods nearby were. She ran to them, often. She was told to stay out of the forest, that teenagers hung out there, drinking…. Read more »

Merry, happy, joyous greetings, 2018

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This year has brought lots of introspection on how to remain steady while the world swirls around in chaos, along with the realization that if we don’t find that place of peace inside of us, we can get caught up in all sorts of drama, created either by others or ourselves. Life on this planet,… Read more »

Dazed and Confused

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking tonight. I’m a thinker, it’s what I do. And then I try to put things into words. This one’s a hard one, though, because it has many pieces. Here are the pieces that came at me tonight and spun me around into a realization. I met one of… Read more »

I am exhausted

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I am so tired I actually can’t even think clearly to write what I want to write. But I need to get this out of me. Holding it in makes it even worse. What I want to say is that this past year feels full of chaos and angst, when I am on the verge… Read more »

A shared life

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A plant’s breath gives life to us. Our breath gives life to them. We take in them as we breathe. They take in us as they breathe. Fully interconnected in a beautiful  dance of life. Fruit of their womb. For us. Scent of their perfume,  for us. Beauty of their adornment. For us. Seeds for… Read more »

We are doing okay

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We are doing okay, Max and I. (Andy’s okay, too, but I wasn’t worried about him. He wasn’t as attached.) Grief is a strange thing. It starts out sharp, then gradually mellows, always with the ability to become sharp for a moment. Or many moments. Max comes for a bit to snuggle. At night, even,… Read more »

I want to go out happy

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I’ve mentioned before that Gracie was a calico, and quirky, and feisty, too. But she mellowed a bit in her old age. Still always knew her mind, but was more social, more loving, especially to “strangers.” There was even one year when my cookie swap wound up really small – two years ago – because… Read more »

Gracie’s Garden

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I live out in the country. Where there are predators that eat cats. But, loving the outdoors myself, I couldn’t bear to not let them outside. So all the cats I’ve ever had go out between 9am and 5pm-ish. They really come in and out all day (we don’t have a cat door, I am… Read more »