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Her name is Grace

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This morning, like every morning, she jumped on the bed, to sit in my lap and purr. For as long as I will stay in bed. She makes it hard to get out of bed. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day. The other is at night, when she starts coming around as… Read more »

The Wrong Side of a Gun

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Have you ever been on the wrong side of a gun? The end that screams death as metal hurls faster than any force man could exert on his own and rips apart flesh like it wasn’t even there? Have you ever heard the screams or loosed them yourself as the wrong side of the gun… Read more »

The loud voices

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I lost myself in the loud voices; couldn’t hear myself. They called, cajoled, Insisted. “Be like us.” “Believe like us.” They made me afraid of being wrong. But I see now that they were the ones afraid, not me. Because I’ve always known what I believe, I just let them talk me out of it… Read more »


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Shhhhhhhh. Listen.  Behind the voices.  It’s the song of spirit,  the language of love, the pureness of thought that doesn’t need laws because all that is good lives outside of them, in the place of grace. photo credit: sniggie Nydia, the blind girl of Pompeii, listens via photopin (license)

Merry Christmas 2017

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I’ve sat down to write a Christmas greeting a couple of times but I stare at the blank page and ask myself, “what should I even write?” I’m not really in the mood to be chatty – say, what? But, there it is. Really. So quick updates on our lives, then I’m outa here. Me:… Read more »

Do Over

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Do over. Starting now. No more carrying other people’s pain. No more carrying their mistakes either. We are each carrying enough of our own. Time to drop those, too, into the past where they belong. Unencumbered, let us move forward With a heart full of love, A mind full of peace, And lips full of… Read more »

A place of grace

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Let me live from a place of grace, where my light shines bright and judgement melts like dripping wax until, in the end, nothing remains but a burning light over the remains of what once was. photo credit: Alexander Babl Melted Candle via photopin (license)

The Story of Me

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As I looked into the mirror tonight and saw my wrinkles I wondered, when do I have enough wrinkles that I cross the line into elderly? Then I realized that there is no line to cross but that I am walking the line – a linear journey from birth to death and that the wrinkles… Read more »

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

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Well, hey everybody. It’s been a whirlwind year! I hope yours was ultimately full of love and life and goodness. There have been some difficult things on a global level, but the longer I live the more I realize I need to take my eyes off of the world stage (besides doing my civic duty)… Read more »

Princeton to Barre

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On Monday, Annie and I walked one of the sections of the Midstate Trail I had not done yet. We started at Wachusett Meadows in Princeton (the panorama, above) and walked to Barre Falls Dam. See the road in the right-hand side of the above photo? We were parked beyond the barn and headed further… Read more »