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They said

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You’re ugly. You’re weird. We don’t like you. They said. Really? Why did you do that? You’re supposed to do it this way. They said. Don’t! Leave that alone. No, you can’t try that. They said. Be a good girl. Do what you are told. Stop asking questions. They said. Quit daydreaming. Focus. Get this… Read more »

I come to the garden alone

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I was in my garden today. And the song, “I come to the garden alone” came into my head. I sang the verses I knew. Then I just kept asking “why?” And I knew I didn’t have to say more than that one word. Because it encompasses it all. I even started to type out… Read more »


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You lied to me today. You know it. And I know it. I watched you like a fish stuck in a net slowly wriggle free with a few words here a few words there. Finally, you breathed a sigh of relief as the net fell away. Only you didn’t escape. I let you loose. You weren’t… Read more »

Rich man, poor man

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In all these years I’ve lived a privileged life, I never realized something until watching two documentaries the other day. One, called Human. The other called Living on One Dollar. Both can be found on YouTube. The realizations were about poverty. I remember my days of scraping to get by. Of working really hard to… Read more »


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Some days, I feel so lonely. It’s a chore – a literal chore – being so different. I have to make myself separate meals, because everybody else I know eats dairy and eggs and meat and wheat…and fat and processed foods and sugar. I’m the only one at the party not eating the cake. I… Read more »

Merry Christmas 2015

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Each year it gets harder for me to write a chatty Christmas letter. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. The older I get, the more I appreciate each and every day and realize that life is a precious gift. I am thankful for so much. This year we watched little Landon grow and… Read more »

Mission – joyfully – accomplished

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Last entry in the hike-Mount-Wachusett hiking diaries! Today I finished hiking all the trails on Mount Wachusett. It was my “project” for the fall. And it has blessed my socks off, including the fact that I finished something I set as a goal (I tend to get these grand ideas and then get bored and… Read more »

Balanced. With Columbus? Maybe not.

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Hiking. And trying to train Columbus at the same time. Regrettable decision. Last weekend before babysitting Landon, I squeezed in a morning hike. We’ve been bringing Columbus for training and he’s so good in class. I decided I’d switch to his slip collar instead of the halti, and work with him walking nicely on that…. Read more »

Echos in the wind

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Another day, another hike, another diary entry. Today is my day off from work. I was actually planning on working this afternoon, but I was really consumed by work this week and neglected taking care of my body. So I went for a long hike and then, when I went to sit down – my… Read more »

Loopedy loop

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A belated entry in the hiking diaries. Since I am writing this much after-the-fact, this hike will be mostly pictorial. Because I don’t remember much of what I was thinking, although it did spawn this blog post. But that was just my thinking on the last part of the hike. So, the last few hikes… Read more »