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The Journey

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Who I was and who I am met together one day. Who I am smiled with love at who I was. Who I was looked with wonder at who I am. Who I was apologized to who I am, and who I am said, “Don’t. It all happened for a reason.” And as they were… Read more »

The dance

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I dance in the love of the divine, Leaving all fear behind. Letting go of the lead, The dance becomes magical, Effortless, Free. Why did I resist for so long, Instead of trusting the hands Of the perfect partner. Together we have left The crowded dance floor And twirl among the stars. Don’t follow me,… Read more »

Perfect you

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You are perfectly you. There is no one else just like you So don’t compare. Just be you! Treat yourself with grace. You don’t have to do, do, do. That is to please others who have expectations of you. You are not here for that. You are here to share your gifts, Your love, Your… Read more »

Elmo’s song

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We gave my grandson Landon an Elmo for Christmas. Frankly, it was because I was looking for a doll that had laces, ties, buttons, buckles…we had a clown like that when my kids were little. Most of the help-me-learn dolls were kind-of funky looking, so I settled on Elmo. Landon likes him. He’s a little… Read more »

A Tale of Two Sippy Cups

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First there were the puppy diaries. And occasionally I still write a puppy post here and there. Now, though, we begin the nana diaries. Landon, my first grandchild is now 6 months old. It’s crossed my mind that I should have begun this sooner. But here we are, now, with the first post, as I realized… Read more »

Wisdom Teachings

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37th Verse The Tao does nothing, but leaves nothing undone. If powerful men could center themselves in it, the whole world would be transformed by itself, in its natural rhythms. When life is simple, pretenses fall away; our essential natures shine through. By not wanting, there is calm, and the world will straighten itself. When… Read more »

Christmas thoughts, 2014

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As I sit down to write this, my little kitty Grace has curled up next to me and is purring happily as I type. It’s a metaphor. I see metaphors everywhere. And this Christmas I wish you all a little grace curled up next to you, comforting you and filling your senses with happiness. Peace… Read more »

A world at peace?

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First of all, I feel like I want to apologize for my last post. I could take it down, but it’s how I felt at the moment, so I’m not going to. But I’m really trying to not focus on the negative these days. It’s such a waste of time! Okay, now that that’s out… Read more »

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

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“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It sounds so nice, doesn’t it? And then there’s this. (link to the book) Yup. That just about sums it… Read more »

Living from my heart

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Taking a permaculture class in the fall of 2013 was the beginning of a profound change in me. I *thought* I was going there to learn techniques for growing food. Hahahahahahaha. I mean, there was that, and there was designing your garden spaces – technically I have my Permaculture Design Certificate. But even trying to… Read more »