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Merry Christmas!

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Well, it’s that time of year again. And before I was able to relax and write this post, I had to get these thoughts out. Now I’m ready. And, like last year, I’m going to let pictures tell most of the story. First off, there’s this Christmas photo. The story this tells is that Andy… Read more »

Show Time!

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This weekend we went to New York City to visit my daughter Kelly and her boyfriend Greg, and my other daughter Tracey who also traveled in from Connecticut to be with us. Since we’ve been to NYC a few times, we didn’t need to do touristy things. I told them I’d like to visit Central… Read more »

Wrestling with animals

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I just realized, as I wind down my day, that there was a theme to it. Today I wrestled with two of my animals. Odd. First of all, Gracie jumped on the back of my work chair this morning and started using it as a scratching post. I told her no and she persisted, so… Read more »

What I did on Saturday…

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We have these wild grapevines growing on my property. Along a stone wall and up a tree. Up a couple of trees, actually. We cut one of the trees down, and I pulled out a bunch of vines. They had been sitting on my back porch for a couple of weeks and I finally got… Read more »


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We finally went to Hawaii.It did not disappoint, after 30 years of waiting. Well, probably not 30, but Andy has relatives there, and we’ve been married 30 years, and I always knew we’d get there, just didn’t know when. So this year was the when. Tracey and Roberto got married, went off on their honeymoon,… Read more »

The peace of country life

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This is how I feel about living in the country. The city is nice to visit once in awhile, but the country is home. I think it always has been, even though I grew up in suburbia. But as a child I got lost in stories whose settings were rural and longed to live in… Read more »

Boston, you’re my home

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I grew up in a suburb of Boston. Although it’s not really my “home,” I think of it as my home city. And I spent a lot of time in it this week. The week started off with a 3-day conference. I commuted into Alewife (the t-station) each day and it made for long days!… Read more »

What are you doing about it?

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A recent weekend when my mother-in-law was here, I was telling her about the March for Monsanto rally I attended, and my concern with genetically modified food. She asked me, “what are you doing about it?” She told me that Laurel (her daughter) used to ask her that question when she complained about things. “Well,… Read more »

Emotional Me

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I have been in a whirlwind of emotions lately. First there is the matter of the human race. There are some of us poisoning our world…killing it really…there are some of us trying to make it better, and there are some of us that are going about our business thinking everything is fine and dandy…. Read more »

Father, Son, Dog

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Today Andy and I planned on having a fire. Usually I don’t help out as much with the fires, but I was planning on helping out with this one. Then Alex called and said he was coming home for the weekend. “We’re planning a fire, I told him.” He was on board. (What is it… Read more »