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The true cost of pet ownership

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I’m not going to get into math in this post.  But it’s occurred to me lately that owning my pets is an expensive proposition. The “cost” of the dogs and the cats started rattling through my head the other day. What prompted it was this sore hip I now have as a byproduct of constantly… Read more »

What makes a good story?

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People like to tell their stories. I do. You do. And the truth is, our stories are way more interesting than the ones that Hollywood makes up. If we tell them well. Storytelling is a gift. It makes all the difference between your story being engaging (and all our stories are interesting) or not. So,… Read more »

The Attack of the Pine Cones

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It amazes me how every hike I go on becomes an adventure.  Here is today’s…. Dot and I went on a trail we used to favorite before we started keeping mostly to the road.  It was so good to be on a trail again.  My hike last Friday with the dogs made me really want… Read more »

It’s My Road!

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Today, as I was driving home from my hike with the dogs, I saw it in the road ahead.  It was big and, if it hadn’t had the distinct markings of a German Shepherd, I might have thought it was a bear.  Smack in the middle, he was.  A sentry. As my car approached, he… Read more »

Life with My Dogs, a Dogumentary

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Most days I try and take my dogs for a walk/hike. Usually it’s with my friend Dot and we take them on leash on a road on the back side of the mountain.  Uphill for a ways, then back down. I wish I could let them loose all the time, but they don’t always come… Read more »

The Real Empty Nest

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I first became a pseudo empty nester a few years ago when my oldest daughter had moved out, and my son and younger daughter were in college.  Andy and I got a taste of it.  And, though parts of it tasted sweet, lots of it tasted sour (to me). It all had to do with… Read more »

Happy Birthday Columbus!

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Columbus’ one year birthday was yesterday.  And he gave me a gift of being a very good dog this weekend.  Perfect? No.  But only a handful of minor transgressions. In a year he’s learned to sit, wait, stay, lay down, settle (sit still for petting), relax (lay on his side), heel (sort-of, he’s very good… Read more »

The ice cream truck

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This is Kelly (left) and Tracey (right) at the ice cream truck. In New Hampshire.  And I made them pose for the picture because the ice cream truck in New Hampshire is one of our favorite stories from the kids’ childhood.  It goes like this… My parents have a cabin across the street (this is… Read more »

Grand Canyon Rainbow

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Well, there was one upside to a mostly rainy time at the Grand Canyon (last September, just getting around to processing the photos).  A rainbow!  As if the Grand Canyon needs anything to add to its majesty.  But doesn’t the rainbow do just that?  Thanks, God, for the beauty.

My backyard garden

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You can’t get more local than this.  Walk out my back door and into a world of vegetables.  And fruit. Strawberries to be exact.   (The herbs are in pots on the deck.) Our growing season is way too short, but I intend to take advantage of it. Greens for salads and to add to my… Read more »