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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

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I don’t feed my animals until 5 o’clock pm. This is not because I am a stickler for routine. This is because my animals can tell time. They know when it’s dinner time. And they come around asking for it. So, if I move the time earlier, ever, they’re gonna come around earlier to beg…. Read more »

A dog named Stella

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When Tracey first told us the name of her dog, Andy and I both yelled “Steeeeelllllaaaaaaa!!!” “Everybody says that when we tell them her name!” So we explained the Marlon Brando famous movie line to her. One of my first memories of Stella was her playing with the sprinkler: She loved the water. I put… Read more »

Spring is in the air

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“Koda, I do believe I smell spring. Even as we sit on this big blob of snow.” “Me too. And it’s nice to be able to taste my tennis ball again. No more ice ball.” “Do you see a bird over there? I think I see a bird.” “Yeah, I see it.” “That’s a good… Read more »

Columbus goes to the farm

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Warning: this post might not go over well with some of my animal rescue friends. I’m sorry about that. I believe in the work you are doing, but I also think that responsible dog breeding is okay, too. My best dog ever was a mutt bred on purpose on a horse farm from two border… Read more »

Snow blowing

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It’s a snow blowing type of morning. Good ol’ Andy…. Do you see it yet? How about now? Yup, there he is. Andy’s helper. Not even a face full of snow will stop him. The only thing that will stop him is the electric fence. Andy, you’re on your own for awhile. And then, there’s… Read more »

The Miscreant is alive and well

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I have heard from a few people that they have missed the tales of my miscreant dog, Columbus. Well, I just want you to know that the dude is alive, and well, and carrying on his mission of all things naughty. Can you say coal in his stocking? The other day my friend drove up… Read more »

That face

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  He goes where he shouldn’t go, Does what he shouldn’t do, Deposits slobber on legs, Deposits his whole body, full force, on visitors, Chews things, Destroys things, Tugs on the leash, Pees in the house. (Sometimes) He insists on being petted, Bothers the cats, Has killed the neighbor’s chickens, Rolls in mud, Rolls in… Read more »

The power game

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  Columbus and I have this little game going on. First of all, I’ve been reading about the power of your thoughts, so I’m trying to think him into the well-behaved dog that I want. Being the verbal type, I also told him that I needed him to be a good dog. I put my… Read more »

Wrestling with animals

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I just realized, as I wind down my day, that there was a theme to it. Today I wrestled with two of my animals. Odd. First of all, Gracie jumped on the back of my work chair this morning and started using it as a scratching post. I told her no and she persisted, so… Read more »