Doug and Rhonda’s Wedding – Unplugged

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This past weekend my brother and his fiancee got married!  It was a wonderful wedding, and I’m so happy for them!  Tennessee was warm, and sunny, and the wedding was outdoors in a gorgeous setting at Rhonda’s mother’s house.

I think they are perfect together.  This picture (not taken by me, I was sitting up front with my mother trying to be dignified – hah!) shows them with their dog, Bonnie, who was part of the ceremony.  The three of them are heading off to a honeymoon in Florida.

Here is a favorite set of pictures from the wedding.  My brother wanted my father to make a smaller knot in his tie, so here he is helping my dad.  The first attempt had a little problem at the end…..

[svgallery name=”theTie”]


It’s Usually Delicious….

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I love having creamed asparagus on toast for lunch. Must be my English heritage, I’m thinking. However, today was a creamed asparagus on toast disaster. Here’s how it happened:

  1. I decided I wanted to make a healthy version
  2. which means I substituted walnut oil for butter
  3. then I made my roux with flour – white flour. (That probably should have been wheat, for the healthy makeover.)
  4. and added almond milk instead of regular milk
  5. gave a sniff as it was cooking and something didn’t smell right
  6. I mean, I expected almond milk to smell different than milk, but there was another smell in there that wasn’t right
  7. looked at the almond milk container. It was vanilla-flavored almond milk. Yup, that explained the smell

Have you ever had creamed asparagus on toast using vanilla-flavored almond milk? Somehow, I’m guessing not. I don’t advise it. The only reason I was able to eat it is because I don’t like to waste food (Scottish heritage this time?) and it looked good, even if it didn’t smell so great.

I’ll be more careful next time.


My rolling gate

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We fenced in our garden this year.  I’m loving it!  The dogs can no longer run through, and there’s something about a white picket fence that just screams quaint.

We had one problem though.  My husband couldn’t figure out how to get the gate to work the traditional way.  The support just wasn’t strong enough.  So he came up with the solution of hooking the gate in place.  It works, you just have to lift off the gate and set it on the side.   Here’s the setup:


And here it is, up close:


Enter my son, who said “we can make this work!”  So he put on the hinge:


and then he ran into the problem my husband anticipated.  The gate was too heavy and the support post was wobbling a bit.  So he got inventive.  I didn’t see it until after it was all done.  I knew I heard a chain saw!  I thought, “is that the chain saw?”  Then I figured it must be the neighbor.


Voila!  A rolling gate!  It works like a charm.  Thanks, Alex!


A Ferrari Weekend

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I really never realized JUST how big a deal cars are to guys until this weekend, when my husband got to drive a Ferrari. It’s just for the weekend. But man, what attention that car gets. I never even knew what a Ferrari looked like. It just looks like a nice red sports car. But this thing cost as much as a house!

I must admit it is a sleek-looking car, and it’s nice that you can ride in it with the top down and your hair doesn’t blow front and back and to the sides. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t blow around at all. Now, that was some great research they did right there, figuring out the aerodynamics to make that happen.

Fun is fun, and this was fun. But practical? No. My husband pointed out that you can’t even fit a golf bag in the trunk. His friend pointed out that it could ride in the passenger seat. So, guy, golf clubs, car. I guess that would work.

Here are pictures of Andy, Alex and Kelly with the car. So we can remember the weekend of the Ferrari.

andyinferrari_web alexandferrari_web kellyinferrari_web

Billy and Chris’ Wedding

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I shot my first official wedding this weekend. Chris is a friend from work who asked me to do this for her small, intimate wedding – actually, her word to describe her wedding was “organic.” Everything from the official to the musicians to the person who made the wedding cake were all people she knew. And she didn’t want many posed photographs. She wanted captured moments.

It was a wonderful time and I think they are the cutest couple! It was a privilege to be a part of their wedding and I got teary-eyed a few times myself. I wonder if other wedding photographers get like that?

Here are some additional photos from the wedding:

[svgallery name=”ChrisBillyWedding”]

Congratulations Billy and Chris!!!


He’s all grown up

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Shhhhh. First off, don’t tell him I posted this picture. He’ll probably never pose for me again if he finds out. But he looks so grown up and I just couldn’t help myself. My one and only son. Graduated from college. I’m very proud of him.

Now, does anybody know of any available finance jobs?


Once I step outside my door

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This is what happens every time I step outside my door. The ball gets dropped at my feet. Then she backs off and lays down and waits…..

Sometimes she has to wait forever because I’m not in the mood. But most of the time she gets at least one toss out of me because I find this consistent behavior so darn cute. And really, it’s ball tosses, walks, and food that she lives for. How can I deny her?

The worst part is having to pick up that ultra-dirty ball….


Model Mayhem

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rhiannondoherty-chrissamoiloff-1I’m part of a local photography group.  One of the events was to go and shoot models at a local park.  Model Mayhem is actually the name of a website where you can find models.  I learned a lot at this event and it was fun to shoot the models, most of whom had done this before.  Here are the stories of Hoai Doan, Linda Tran, Laura Briere, Rhiannon Doherty, Dreena DiMaggio, and Gitte Apotheker.

[svgallery name=”models”]


Kelly’s story

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kellyx_forwebMy first portrait subject was my daughter Kelly.  I said to her, “how about you let me take your senior photos?”  She kind-of wanted to get professional ones done.  So I told her, “How about this?  You let me try.  If you don’t like them, you can go to the professional.”

She liked them – at least well enough that she didn’t ask to go have them taken again.

Here are some pictures of Kelly from that senior photo shoot.  These are from a couple of sessions (you can do that when you have the luxury of being in the same family).

[svgallery name=”Kelly Senior Photos”]

I’ve learned a bit more about lighting for portraits since then.  But this was my beginning.