He’s all grown up

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Shhhhh. First off, don’t tell him I posted this picture. He’ll probably never pose for me again if he finds out. But he looks so grown up and I just couldn’t help myself. My one and only son. Graduated from college. I’m very proud of him.

Now, does anybody know of any available finance jobs?

Once I step outside my door

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This is what happens every time I step outside my door. The ball gets dropped at my feet. Then she backs off and lays down and waits…..

Sometimes she has to wait forever because I’m not in the mood. But most of the time she gets at least one toss out of me because I find this consistent behavior so darn cute. And really, it’s ball tosses, walks, and food that she lives for. How can I deny her?

The worst part is having to pick up that ultra-dirty ball….

Model Mayhem

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rhiannondoherty-chrissamoiloff-1I’m part of a local photography group.  One of the events was to go and shoot models at a local park.  Model Mayhem is actually the name of a website where you can find models.  I learned a lot at this event and it was fun to shoot the models, most of whom had done this before.  Here are the stories of Hoai Doan, Linda Tran, Laura Briere, Rhiannon Doherty, Dreena DiMaggio, and Gitte Apotheker.

[svgallery name=”models”]

Kelly’s story

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kellyx_forwebMy first portrait subject was my daughter Kelly.  I said to her, “how about you let me take your senior photos?”  She kind-of wanted to get professional ones done.  So I told her, “How about this?  You let me try.  If you don’t like them, you can go to the professional.”

She liked them – at least well enough that she didn’t ask to go have them taken again.

Here are some pictures of Kelly from that senior photo shoot.  These are from a couple of sessions (you can do that when you have the luxury of being in the same family).

[svgallery name=”Kelly Senior Photos”]

I’ve learned a bit more about lighting for portraits since then.  But this was my beginning.